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Since the 2005 exhibition "Shadow in the Waters",  Arts Alive ARI Launceston, working both as curator and artist, environmental installations have become an integral aspect of my art practice.

The ephemeral nature of these works emphasise the temporary moment of expression. 

At 2 metres high and with a 40 metre circumference, the huge festival installation "Longing" for 2010 Falls Festival Marion's Bay, is a nest to spontaneous riverside constructs with driftwood. The sculpture falls apart and rots. The Cataract Gorge in Tasmania is a location that I return to and make pieces dependent on intermittent floods and tidal flow. An article on one of these pieces can be read here.

Working as a conceptual artist within the environment, focuses the intention to encapsulate the idea for the engagement in the first place. Images of works created are included in the gallery below, along with descriptions of materials used, concept and process.

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